Laminate flooring is available in a very large range of products and wqually large range of colours.

Do you desire the elegant look of timber floor in your home but are feeling too budget conscience? Well, then floorboard lamination is just the thing you need.

Laminate is an extremely sturdy, resistant to wear and tear; and super easy to clean; making it the perfect option for busy people who have no time to clean their floors every day. Families with kids who tend to spill a lot of stuff on the floor will also find laminated floors the perfect choice as it demands little to no cleaning and maintenance.

It avoids wood from locking any bacteria or allergens. Therefore, it’s perfect for families with members who may have certain allergies or suffer from asthma. Other than providing functionality, laminate floorings are available in a plethora of colours.

Perhaps you already have floorboards or tiles in your home. And would like to switch to laminate flooring without the trouble of redoing the entire floor or incurring extra costs. Well, we’re here to help you! Here at Timber Floor Us, we have a wide range of laminate flooring to choose from that you can install directly on top of the existing tiles/flooring.

What makes laminate an excellent floor option –

  • Easy to install. No need to tear down the existing floor
  • Super glossy surface that doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight
  • You will almost never run out of the colour choices available; thus making it perfect for homes with all types of decors and interiors
  • It can withstand a lot of traffic without sustaining scratches. Not prone to wear and tear.
  • Mimics the beauty of the Australians hardwood

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