Wall Panels

TimberFloor'US is proud to supply the ultimate service in wall panels at a surprisingly affordable price.

Who doesn’t wish to have a luxurious room that looks like something straight out of Four Seasons! Well, what could be better than achieving that look without burning a hole in your pocket?

Yes, that’s totally achievable and Timber Floor’Us is here to make that possible.We’re talking about wall panel installation – the one tiny detail that can spruce-up even the most ordinary looking room.

Timber Floor’US is proud to help the folks of Australia get luxurious looking rooms by installing wall panels within an affordable budget.

If you wish to know more about this home improvement product, or need consultation regarding which panel will go nicely with your room’s interiors; you can talk to our support.

Types of wall panels that we provide and install are –

  • Chipboard Panels
  • Medium-density Fiberboard
  • Natural wood panel
  • Vinyl covered board
  • And, several more…

We are just a phone call away. Dial 0404 337 125 to talk to us. Or, you can also send an email to – sales@timberfloorus.com.au.